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1. We reserve the right to cancel reservations, with a full refund, in the event of extreme weather which would prevent the sign from being safely displayed. Your safety is our top concern!


2. Your reservation is not confirmed until payment in full has been received. Payment must be received no later than 24 hours prior to your reservation. Displays are booked on a first come first serve basis. Thank you! 


3. In order to avoid disappointment please make sure your lawn is soft enough to place the display. (Can you easily push a pencil into the ground?) Please water your lawn on both the day prior and the day of your display for 30 minutes. Every effort is made to place an amazing display but in full disclosure our human arms can only do so much. 


4. Please DO NOT mow your lawn after the display is placed! This is very damaging to the signs as it stains the signs green and often this does not come off. We very much appreciate it! 


5. Please turn off any automatic sprinkler systems while the display is on your lawn. As well please notify us of any irrigation or other underground structures we need to be aware of. Taking care not to damage your property is a top priority! 


6. Please feel free to take pictures and enjoy your display however please do not remove the signs from the ground or play on them. This is for both your safety and to avoid damage. 


7. We make every effort to be discreet during set up. Please let Fido in on the secret! Our truck is super exciting to him. 


8. Delivery/Set up is done the evening prior to your rental date starting at 8pm. A more specific time can be provided on the day of your scheduled delivery. Removal is done on the day of your rental date starting at 8pm. If you require the display longer a second day can be added. © THANK YOU FOR BOOKING WITH US!



Have your plans changed?  We’re OK with that!  Life happens!  Let us know how you would like to proceed.  We are happy to keep a credit on file for your next display or provide a refund. Email us at


Privacy Policy

Nadine Noelle Design takes our visitors’ privacy very seriously. 


We never sell or distribute your personal information.  Your information is kept confidential.  


We do not use tracking services of any kind. We do not store any visitor data on our servers or elsewhere. Our visitors remain anonymous during their entire visit of this website.


Information included in the form submission is never stored and is not shared with anybody.


If you have any concerns or questions about your privacy please contact us  

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